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  • Community of Mystery

    Greenhead is a small community located on State rd 77 between Chipley and Panama City Florida.   Greenhead is home to the Washington County Correctional facility and is centrally located along State Road 77.  The name Greenhead means the start of a stream with green vegetation around it. Greenhead's most notable or maybe notorious claim to fame could be the last lynching in the County (John D. Dykes).

    John D. Dykes was the local Postmaster in Greenhead in 1916.  He was accused of shooting S.A. Walker who was a foreman for a turpentine side-camp owned by C.C. Johnson. The confrontation started supposedly over a goat.  Early on April 15, 1916, Walker started out on his weekly trip to Vernon with the camp’s payroll.  Someone shot him to death as he rode in his buggy.  Investigating Officers concluded he had been shot near Dykes’ home.   A Coroner’s Jury was empanelled and the Jury charged Dykes with Walker’s death.  John Dykes was placed in jail in Vernon, to await the local Circuit Judge.   As news of the shooting spread, so did condemnation for the accused.  Ironically, the Sheriff was called away on another emergency and critically injured.  Even as the sheriff was leaving,  the lynch mob was forming. They took Dykes from his cell, led him a short ways away from the jail and riddled his body with bullets. The Lynch mob was never caught.  According to local legend the Dykes Family knew who had committed the lynching. The Dykes Family took John’s body back to Greenhead for burial.

    So whether you are visiting Greenhead in search of History or relaxation, you’re sure to enjoy the local culture still evident today.

    Don’t forget to stop by the cemetery and look for John Dykes' Grave marker . . . . maybe he’ll tell you what really happened.