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  • Washington County Lifestyle & Faith

  • Of the utmost importance to all Washington Countians is a good quality of life with time for work and quality time for family & friends. This unhurried lifestyle gives growing families the opportunity to provide strong values & spiritual foundations to their children. There are many ideal locations for retirees who wish to leave the hustle and bustle of their working lives.

    A strong commitment to quality of life issues by local governments provides room for economic growth & personal tranquility for all citizens. The philosophy of "less is more " translates to less stress, less crime, less congestion, less pollution, less traffic, less daily aggravation and more tranquil enjoyment of everyday life.

    The many different topographical areas of Washington County are bathed in historical events, places and peoples. Named in honor of our country's founding father, George Washington, Washington County also proudly honors its Native American roots. Numerous mounds and early settlements indicate an active Native American population.

    The wealth of natural formations and indigenous plants and animals provided its first citizens with abundance. Arrowheads, pottery and everyday articles of daily living can still be discovered today.

    The timber industry found a wealth of mixed hardwood forests. The natural beauty of these forest lands now provides miles of hiking, bird-watching, photography, and hunting opportunities. The clean rivers, lakes and streams have their own histories and stories - from early river trade to the historic watering holes of the cracker cow drives of yesteryear.

    Washington County derives its beauty and heritage from the land. This fact is reflected in its resilient & resourceful citizens who know the importance of neighbor helping neighbor. Pride in their community is strong & they invite you to visit or stay with warm smiles.