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  • Wausau still maintains the slower pace of life. Being primarily a residential community without large businesses or employers, most of the working population are away from town during the day. The population of Wausau is largely retired and enjoy the leisure of home gardening, travel, and recreational pursuits. The crime rate in Wausau is relatively low and the community feels secure. Wausau has a very safe central water system and most of the town roads are paved.

    Presently, Wausau does not have a public school located within the town limits.. The last school in Wausau was consolidated in 1968 and the site donated to the Town of Wausau for development as a Community Center. The site of the old school is now the home of the Dalton Carter Recreation Complex (Possum Palace), John Glen Baseball Complex, and Children’s Playground. Wausau has an active children’s baseball program and with the anticipated opening of the George M. Rogers Sportsplex, it is hoped that men and women league softball tournaments will return.

    Currently there is a walking/cardio-vascular trail adjacent to the John Glen Baseball Field. There are also basketball courts, tennis courts, and a children’s play park located at the Dalton Carter Recreation Complex. With the opening of the George M. Rogers Sportsplex, there will be the addition of a walking trail, bike trail, two regulation baseball/softball fields, and shuffleboard courts.

    Wausau is located on a predominantly sand ridge lying between the Reedy Creek Wetlands on the east and the Snake Hole Wetlands on the west. Most of the Town is relatively flat with the northern end of Town rising into a small hill where the Wausau Memorial Gardens (cemetery) is located.

    Inside the town limits are four protestant Christian churches (First Baptist, United Methodist, First Assembly of God, and Pentecostal Holiness). The churches have a variety of ministries and out-reach to the entire population. The churches are active in the spiritual development and maintenance of the community in its sponsorship of revival crusades, youth activities, and participation in community events like the Fun Day and Christmas Parade. Within five miles there are several other houses of worship meeting the needs of the surrounding community.

    Most business and employment opportunities within Wausau are small family businesses. Much of the working community travels to Chipley, Marianna, Bonifay, Panama City, Dothan, Alabama or beyond for employment opportunities.

    Wausau is a community steeped in history. Though the sawmill and timber related industries that were the beginning of Wausau have long since left or have changed due to technology, the spirit and life ethic of the town’s founders are still alive. Wausau is still a friendly place where you can walk the streets safely and stop to visit with a neighbor without being in a hurry to be somewhere else. After all, who would want to be anywhere else when they are in Wausau.

    Contact Info:

    1607 2nd Avenue Wausau, FL 32463  

    (850) 638-1781