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  • “Local Community with lots of History”

    New Hope, Florida is an unincorporated community located in Washington County, Florida on State Road 79.  New hope has it’s origins in ancient times.  It was originally named for a very old settlement in Italy called Vallombrosa  (pronounced Va-yam-brasa).  The Italian name means “Shady Valley”. The Vallombrosa Valley in Italy is famous for its order of Benedictine monks.

    New Hope was founded by James and Elizabeth Bright, and the Nicholas Mitchell Family, around 1823 or 1822.  It was actually a bit father southwest than the community of New Hope is today.   The settlement was originally a plantation on the west end of the Holmes Valley Escarpment on the east side of the Choctawhatchee River.  The two founding families were wealthy and educated. They produced “Bright Brick” which was used in the Naval Yard at Pensacola. The Panic of 1837 depleted the land value and, in turn, depleted the wealth of these two great families. Unfortunately, the lovely mansions and plantations are long gone now.

    New Hope is now a community which provides a quiet life and easy-going atmosphere for its citizens.   There is also a RV camping area to enjoy, so you can come visit and appreciate the scenic beauty that once was Vallombrosa.

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